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Never - with three of a kind, for instance, to which you intend drawing two cards, it is better not to raise the ante unless someone has already raised it, and several others are already in, because if you draw two cards without raising, everyone at the table will credit you with a small pair and a kicker, and will bet against you freely at first, just as no one is afraid of a player who draws two cards after having refused to open a jack-pot. I do hope that you stay in close touch with us as we deal with these issues, especially after Senator Inouye proceeds with his legislation, and I do want to come back and visit your reservations, "to" but this has been one of the more valuable hearings that I have listened to around the country on this issue, and I particularly commend you.

Unfortunately, tribal efforts to exploit loopholes in the law, combined with uneven federal enforcement, confusion among State officials, ill-reasoned court decisions, and a revisionist view of Congressional intent, has seriously eroded that balance (analysis). Won at gambling"shall be utterly void, frustrate and of none effect, to all intents and purposes whatsoever." It further provided that if a man lost ten pounds or more at one sitting he could resort to any New York State court of record, no later than three months afterward, and sue the winner for the entire sum plus legal costs: craps:

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